Picture by photographer Till Heene

A perfect day would be working on the transformation of a blank, meaningless wall into an art piece. I’d start painting and people would gather spontaneously to watch the process. Then an urge takes over them to hold a brush and participate. Talks and discussions would flow, and a connection is created… for there is something therapeutic, liberating and fulfilling, when your body moves in front of this big canvas, and a painting starts to come alive under your fingers. ..

Born in Beirut, based in France, my unexpected adventure in mural art started with Toufoula NGO, that creates dream rooms for children with cancer, in different hospitals in Lebanon. And later, with a similar goal, I painted a mural at the children’s hospital of La Timone, in Marseille.
Social projects have made my path, which was difficult at first, all the worth while, and I found myself painting in school classes for refugees, their cinema room and school bus.
My first participation in a street art project was for the colorful embellishment of a slum in the suburbs of Beirut in 2017, with the urban art collective “urban dawn vol2” and the Ouzville initiative.
Mural art workshops where part of this journey as well. The most touching experience I’ve had, was working with the students of seven schools affected by the criminal explosion of Beirut’s port. The workshop followed the immense restauration works that were done by the Swiss Embassy, the United Nations and UNESCO in August 2021, it allowed students to create and execute a mural, thus participating in the revival of their damaged school.
In October 2022, I’ve painted my first gigantic mural of 20m high, and since then, the bigger the wall, the merrier the work would be. Traveling to Tunisia for the Chukri Belaid street art festival was a unique experience as well. Several street art projects are on the way in Lebanon and abroad and I couldn’t be more exited…