Marie-Joe Ayoub is a Lebanese Visual and Mural Artist, born and raised in Beirut.
After completing her Master’s Degree at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) she directly started working in an Advertising Agency where she quickly diverted into illustrating her first book and unknowingly foretelling her future endeavors, “Tiles of Beirut”, describes her ambitions as a militant in favor of safeguarding the  Architectural Heritage of her martyr city, Beirut. Having gotten a taste of the “revolutionary spirit”, Marie-Joe decided to use mural painting and street art as her platform to share her visual voice in environmental and social issues.  She has worked as a mural artist with several NGO’s and organizations, most importantly:

TOUFOULA 2009 till 2016 creating dream rooms in children cancer wards in hospitals all over Lebano
UNERWA mural projects in refugee schools
UNESCO & WORLD BANK 2017 art project with Lebanese & refugee children
OUZVILLE 2018 -2017 street art project beautifying Beirut’s suburban slums
colored bus and school project for Syrian refugees

Through Marie-Jo’s active and diverse artistic research, focus and intense commitment, she hopes to connect community divisions, improve woman’s rights, with a strong consideration of serious environmental challenges.