Mural art workshops serve as an interactive means of self-expression, fostering connections among the space, its inhabitants, participants, the artist and the artwork itself.

Burj Abi Haidar kindergarden _ Beirut

These workshops consist of two distinct parts. The initial segment entails a comprehensive presentation on the historical evolution of mural art, spanning from the neolithic era to the present day. This is followed by a collaborative brainstorming session to determine the theme for the future mural, culminating in a sketching session where participants contribute their ideas in preparation for its creation. The second part is where the true enjoyment begins.

The process of bringing the mural to life is accompanied by moments of laughter, engaging discussions, and an overwhelming sense of fulfillment upon its completion.

Witnessing the final artwork’s transformative and embellishing effect on its surroundings gives such a great feeling of gratification!

Mural workshops as part of the school reconstruction project
after the criminal explosion of the Beirut port in 2021.

Funded and led by the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon, who deemed it necessary to complement the restoration of these schools with an artistic workshop for the students.This activity provided them with an opportunity to actively participate in the transformation of their school, engaging in a positive and meaningful action following the traumatic event of the explosion.

Workshops funded by UN habitat in Lebanon