Mural art

Pierre y Amigos – Batroun Lebanon 2019
Damier Rousseau inspired mural executed in Pierre y amigos restaurant Batroun.
A jungle feel was a must for this latin-american restaurant.
The iconic Frida shares a drink and good times with the people.

The three graces – Batroun old souk 2021

“Birds of paradise” 2019
Mural executed in Malaak education center for refugees in Akkar, showing a typewriter that represents literacy, creativity, literature, poetry… The typewriter is amidst the birds of paradise plants, those precious and exotic plants that surprisingly surround the tents of refugees in Lebanon. The atmosphere of the drawing is one of a fairy tale, calling out the students and everyone that enters the school to participate in a dream of happiness and colors.

“Deep Sea dreaming” – Lebanon Maritime city of Batroun 2019
Mural executed in  Barrio69 pub-restaurant in the maritime city of Batroun. Inspired by the prominent symbol of the diver, deep rooted in the Batrounian culture and history. In fact, two statues of sea divers exist in this small city.
One represents a sponge diver and the other a diver who lost his life  to the sea.
The mural represents harmony between air, land , man and sea. 

Flower power mystery bus – Aakar north of Lebanon 2017
Heart warming moments spent painting this school bus for Syrian refugees in Akkar north of  Lebanon, 
in collaboration with international art collective project Conexus & Meshwar Amal ngo in Al-Ihssan school.
La piqûre – Beirut Hamra 2021
Hommage to French caricaturist J.J Granville during times of vaccination
“Ahmi – I protect” – Barcelona 2019
My personal icon painted in 3 Xemeneies – Barcelona’s Graffiti Park

“Reconciliation” – 2017
Piece painted as part as the Urban dawn Vol2 international urban art project aiming to change the slum state of the area of Ouzaie-Beirut. curated by @curator19.90 & sponsored by Ayyad Nasser.
This colorful mural was created as a reaction to the Lebanese garbage crisis, seagull massacre and loss of architectural heritage, decorated by small drawings of the children of Ouzaie, the painting tries to reconcile with Beirut through bright joyful colors in hope for a better future.